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The New Year is here and it’s time for you to start making resolutions.

While millions of Americans proclaim they’re going to commit to an exercise program at the beginning of the year, many fall off the wagon in January.

Let’s make this year different. Here are a few tips to help kick-start your New Year’s exercise program and help you achieve your fitness goals:

  • Determine Your Readiness: Make sure you are ready mentally and physically and/or able to start an exercise program.
  • Create A Plan: Determine when you will exercise, what type of exercise program you will do and how much time you will spend working out.
  • Team Up With A Friend: If you know someone who is planning on starting an exercise program in the New Year, begin your fitness journey as a team.
  • Don’t Overexert Yourself: Don’t overdo it when you begin your exercise program. Start with low-to-moderate intensity workouts and build your way up to higher intensity exercise routines.
  • Be Realistic: Do not be impractical about your fitness goals. Set a goal that is achievable and develop a sound foundation to build upon.



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