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He told this story once before, but we’re guessing all that’s going on in America at the moment pushed Twitter user @dyllyp (Dylan Park) to again relay the heartbreaking tale of his friendship with a young Iraqi boy.

When Dylan first served in Iraq, a boy named Brahim worked as a translator for the military. Brahim and his family had nothing – they were seven or eight people living in a one-bedroom house that rarely had power, all they owned were basic necessities, and their only source of income was Brahim’s job with the military. They were so poor that, once, Dylan bought Brahim $30 worth of toiletries, and the boy cried and told him he’d give his life for him.

When Dylan was done with his tour and went back home to the United States, he admittedly thought he was leaving Brahim to his death, as he tweeted “…the turnover rate for local nationals work with us was enormous. And not bc they quit, bc they were killed.” But things turned around in the most unexpected of ways.

Read the rest for yourself by clicking on the tweet below, or clicking here.

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