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Rumors have been spreading for years that Janet Jackson has a secret child that she and then husband James DeBarge have been hiding for three decades.

Earlier this year, James’ mother, Etterlene DeBarge, added fuel to the rumour mill saying she had found the alleged secret daughter of the former couple, 31-year-old Tiffany Whyte. However, his sister Bunny DeBarge is now claiming that although she does believe there is a ‘secret child’ out there somewhere, she doesn’t believe that it’s Whyte and has apologized for her family’s handling of the situation.

She told Inside Edition, “That has haunted the family a long time. When the marriage was annulled, Janet was pregnant and James believed that as well. I think we all believe that James and Janet had a child.” But as for her mother’s claims that Tiffany is her granddaughter, Bunny told reporters, “I’m like, ‘Mom, maybe she’s some kin to you but she’s not James and Janet’s daughter. Come on now.”

Janet’s former sister-in-law also says that Whyte does not look like James or Janet and believes she is just seeking fame. She added that Tiffany is one of many who’ve contacted her family claiming to be Janet’s secret daughter. She added, “I would apologize to Janet and tell her as a family we would not have done it like that.”

Despite Bunny’s doubt that Tiffany Whyte is Janet and James’ daughter, her mother Etterlene is standing by the DNA results and continues to believe that Tiffany is her granddaughter. Janet has yet to respond to the allegations.

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