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Anita Wilson At Busboys & Poets For The “Sunday Soul Mixer”
Anita Wilson At Busboys & Poets
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Grammy nominated singer Anita Wilson and her producing partner, Rick Robinson, took to social media to announce their marriage today.  Anita recently lost her father, but announced that he married them in his living room six months ago.

Anita posted:

  • msanitawilson6 months ago on Father’s Day in my parents’ living room, I had the indescribable honor of having my Father marry me & my best friend, @rickrobinson7. We later hosted a small gathering to share the news with SOME of our closest friends and family. We are so grateful not only to have had Daddy be a part of this moment before going to Heaven but also to have his blessings upon our marriage. Thank you for loving me, ALL of me. (Cuz I know it’s not always easy lol) I look forward to continuing to grow with you and Jolie! 6 months in….forever to go. I love you so very much, Mr. Robinson!! Happy Anniversary, My Love. ❤️ #RickAndAnita #LifeAndLove ~ PRAY FOR US!

Rick posted:

  • rickrobinson7I never imagined that I would experience the overwhelming love that I feel today. The past 6 months have been some of the most amazing days of my life. @msanitawilson thank you for making me a better man and helping me to raise my beautiful little girl Jolie. I am so honored that your Father was here to give me his blessing and to cover our marriage. It started with just us in his living room, no fanfare …just real love. I’m thankful that we realized the importance of time and seized the moment while he was on this earth to witness it. I intend on keeping every promise I made to him and God to love and protect you. I know Dad is in heaven smiling at us right now. I’m grateful for our family and close friends that later gathered to surround and cover us. 🙏🏾 Marrying my best friend is the best decision I ever made. Can’t wait to continue living this life with you. Happy 6 Month Anniversary My Love! #RickAndAnita #LifeAndLove ~ PRAY FOR US!


We are so excited for them!  #RickandAnita