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If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land. 2 Chronicles 7:14

Names listed here are prayer requests called in to Sunday Morning Inspirations. To place your name or someone you would like us to pray for on the list, you may call Sunday morning – 314-969-0955, or email Evangelist Mary Tillman at

All sick, shut-in and bereaved families

Bentley’s Extended Care Residents

Families & Victims of Police Brutality

Victims of Sexual Harassment/Terrorist/Murderers

MO Veterans Home Residents

One Way Mission

Homeless and Misfortunate

Police Chief John Hayden

Henry R

Alice H

Robin H

John H. Sr.

John H. Jr.

Mark J III

Aman J

Mark J

Ashley H

Family of Orlando F

Family of Howard Rivers

Progressive MBC

Family of Dennis Edwards

The Temptations

Deacon Tee

Julia N

Jerome F


Patrick S

Tresa S & Family

Virginia J

Sandra Y

Letrenia W

Jackie B

Tillie L (Texas)

Addie P

Catherine G

Dea/ Larry J

Rev. L. McDonald

Louella W.

Collins Family

Family of Vincent (Drummer)

Denise F

Robert T

Mrs. Carole Brown

Family of Rev. Dr. James Brown

Mercy Seat MBC Family

Bertha H

Minister Melvin St. Clair

Kimberly Mc

Maybelle W

James “Big Jim” W.

Family of Catherine Haynes

Mary Mc

Jeffrey McDonald

Family of J.D. McDonald

Zion Travelers MBC

Family of Peggy J Brown

JoAnn R

Clair Family

Rubin J

Irene C

Chris M

Ashley B

Chasity C

Reginald & Nicci B

Deacon Glenn W.

Lisa E

Rev & Mrs Duvall

Deacon Clarence G

Mother Phillips

Mother Ruby Mae Matthews

Mother Mattie V

Mother Mary W

Police Officers Wounded in line of Duty

Victimized Families – World Wide

LaMonica E

Alex E

Makayla W

Rena D

Vincent F

Ingrid B

Michelle T

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