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Vegetarian mezze platter with tofu and broccoli skewer with peanut sauce, couscous, pita bread, fava bean dip, falafel, and eggplant curry

Source: Simon McGill / Getty

Forget what you may have heard — a Vegan Thanksgiving can be just as lit and fulfilling as a traditional one. And judging by the recent recall on raw turkeys, an animal free Thanksgiving meal may be the best option for all of us this holiday season.

According to CNN:

“Jennie-O Turkey Store Sales, LLC recalled 91,388 pounds of raw ground turkey products after the USDA found that a sample of the products tested positive for a salmonella reading matching the outbreak strain. The samples were from a Sept. 11, 2018 production, and, according to the USDA, the rest of the products shipped nationwide.”

At least one person in California has passed away and 164 others across 35 states have been affected or hospitalized by the outbreak.But you can save yourself from the threat of Salmonella poising by choosing to have an animal free Thanksgiving this year.


Hit the flip to check these awesome Vegan meal ideas for the conscious eaters and meat-dissers of the family. 

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