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As a child, you thought it was the end of the world will you fell a hurt your knee. Then as a teen, you experienced what you believed was heartbreak. Being an adult is no walk in the park. My mother always says, “getting old ain’t for wimps.” Pain is associated with every stage of our lives.

Pain is a word we use when we feel discomfort other far from what we are used to. When we love, we’re happy but when that loved one is gone or we experience heartache. Then here comes that pesky tormenting feeling that we can’t go on.

How do you move on from pain when it’s something, ice or a band-aid can’t heal?

  1. Decide now, to let go – You have to make this choice immediately, you can’t keep reliving the pain. You have to stop going over the details in your head when you get a thought of the person that hurt you
  2. Establish the pain and your role in the conflict – Allowing yourself to let go and release the pain is important. Get it out through by venting to a friend, or writing in a journal, or writing a letter to the person, but don’t send it. These are all great exercises that promote the releasing of the hurt that you’re feeling.
  3. You can’t play the victim forever – Don’t allow power to anyone and stop having your seat at the pity party of one. You have to ask yourself, do you want to keep feeling bad or is it your time to reclaim your happiness?
  4.  Time to focus on what’s happening right now- Simple, it happened, let it go, and move forward. There isn’t a time machine to go back, you can only live in the now, and make it a great day.
  5. Forgive, the person and yourself- The moment of truth, are you willing to move forward? You aren’t weak when you forgive a person, it makes you stronger.

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