Mental Health

Day 5764768564 from working home due to the Coronavirus. Most jobs require employees to come in the office to get work done. Lately, their has been a worldwide epidemic with the COVID virus spreading at a rapid pace. Most companies have ordered employees to work from home to avoid spreading the virus more than it […]

Mental Health

A new app focuses on aligning individuals with culturally competent therapists.

October 10th is World Mental Health Day and across the globe, those who battle and advocate for mental health are not only sharing their stories but they are also encouraging those who “suffer in silence” to understand that they aren’t alone. In fact, more than 43 million Americans struggle with mental health problems. It is […]

Kati Morton wants us to have a serious conversation about Suicide. For National Suicide Prevention Week, she will be teaming up with YouTube to release videos that focus on suicide prevention, conversations about suicide, as well as creating a safety plan for those who feel that they may be experiencing suicidal thoughts. In her first video […]

As a child, you thought it was the end of the world will you fell a hurt your knee. Then as a teen, you experienced what you believed was heartbreak. Being an adult is no walk in the park. My mother always says, “getting old ain’t for wimps.” Pain is associated with every stage of […]

In the latest issue of Essence, Janet Jackson reveals how she’s continually battled with depression throughout her life. “I struggled with depression. The struggle was intense,” Jackson shares about life in her thirties. “Low self-esteem might be rooted in childhood feelings of inferiority. It could relate to failing to meet impossibly high standards. And of […]

Despite her youthful and effervescent appearance, Janet Jackson struggled with depression in her 30s. The Essence Festival headliner opened up about her bout with the mental illness to Essence Magazine, revealing details she’s never before shared. “These were difficult years, when I struggled with depression,” she said. “The struggle was intense. I could analyze the […]

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  Just a little food for thought… Most people need a little boost of energy during the work day, especially on Mondays.  Put the coffee down and try these 5 quick, easy energy boosting exercises when you start to feel the midday lull! 1. Find the nearest stairwell. Race up a flight of stairs as fast […]