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Reading A Book

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Day #1

God is the author of your story! Every good story has a multi-dimensional character that experiences inner struggles, outer conflicts, and a satisfying “aha moment” where everything finally comes together for that character. You can’t go to a bookstore, pick up a book, tear out the happy parts that you like, and then move on. If you pick up that book and you want those eight pages that you like, then you will have to buy all the other pages. And to live a successful life in all the other chapters of your book, you’re going to need to faith it to the last page! God is crafting a marvelous book about each one of us, and in order to get to complete wholeness we must first understand our life is a series of processes all built to create us into the person God wants us to be. Don’t worry! Your “aha moment” is on the way!

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