Day #9 You are going to change the world with what God put in you. The world needs your message and people need to hear what you overcame. You have not been forgotten. You have been hidden for a long time, and God is going to shine a light on whatever you decide to touch. […]

Day #8 I don’t have to act like I am strong, I can share my weaknesses. I don’t have to be whole to help you reach your goal. In fact, I gladly say that I have weaknesses because God has given me strength in my weaknesses. God has given me direction in my depression and […]

Day #7 Belief is defined as “trust, faith, or confidence in someone or something.” Trust is defined as “a firm belief in the reliability of something.” Why is this important? Because we must be able to put our trust in God. What happens with us is that we can rely on people to handle things, and we end […]

Day #6 After we know the dream God wants for our lives, what do we do after that? At times we can become frozen in desire. It’s like we’re paralyzed and can’t move forward. Often times we are locked in position because we are not able to speak. This is because we have made ourselves […]

Day #5 If I could invite you into my home right now and sit down with you over coffee, I would ask you this question: What truly delights your soul? I mean, what thought can make you smile even when nobody is in the room? For me, I’d have to say that nothing delights my […]

Day #4 One of our needs as human beings is to know who is with us. Who believes in me? Who’s got my back if things go wrong? It’s possible to become so caught up in ourselves that we cannot see that God is our back support. Let me share a story from the Bible […]

Day #3 “Process” has a sister and her name is “Faith.” When I am in a stage of process and I am fighting with my faith, I call that “faithing it.” And here’s the good news—as long as you fight with your faith there is nothing you can’t do! It is through faith that your […]

Day #2 Who or what is the villain in your life’s story? I’d be interested to know what came to your mind just now when I asked that question! I think it can be extremely helpful to locate yourself where you are right now in the process to your promise. Sometimes our own emotional reactions […]

Day #1 God is the author of your story! Every good story has a multi-dimensional character that experiences inner struggles, outer conflicts, and a satisfying “aha moment” where everything finally comes together for that character. You can’t go to a bookstore, pick up a book, tear out the happy parts that you like, and then […]