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Day #4

One of our needs as human beings is to know who is with us. Who believes in me? Who’s got my back if things go wrong? It’s possible to become so caught up in ourselves that we cannot see that God is our back support. Let me share a story from the Bible that I hope will encourage your heart, because I want you to know that you are not alone.

I want to bring you to a moment in the life of Moses. Moses was tending to the flock as normal when in the distance he saw a bush. The bush was on fire, but it was not burning down to the ground. He decided to go towards this bush to see this strange sight. When he got there, the Bible says that God called for him within the bush, and Moses answered, “Here I am” (see Exodus 3). Now you must understand, that is the step that so many of us are missing. God calls for us to invite us into His purpose, but because we are so astray from His voice we do not answer.

Moses was told to go and save the Israelites because God had heard their cries. So many of us are crying out to God, and we do not even realize that He has come or that He is sending someone on our behalf to save us. The beautiful part of this is that Moses in his humility questioned God: “Who am I to go to them and demand this?” And the response from the Lord is what brings me to back support. God said to him, “Go and I will be with you.” I want you to realize that it is not about you—it is about who is with you. God was Moses’ back support as he traveled back to Egypt to get the Israelites to the promise. God told Moses, “I have your back. I am with you.”

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