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Pastor William McDowell took to Instagram to share a heart wrenching testimony.  He said he was in a car accident that could have been fatal.

He said this:  Now that I am comprehending what happened to me this morning I HAVE TO PRAISE THE LORD FOR SPARING MY LIFE! The enemy tried to take me out. My car is less than a year old but while driving on the highway this morning my rear passenger tire completely shredded and my tire came off! The entire side wall is missing! Thankfully I was able to get to the shoulder before losing complete control of the car. The shoulder I had to pull off in was thin and dangerous with many trucks so I couldn’t even get out of my car. I’m so grateful for the protection of the Lord and for all those who regularly pray for me even when I’m unaware. He kept me!!! Thank you Jesus! If something had happened it would have made some news so instead I’ll make news with my testimony of His keeping power. 

How many of us can attest to these near death experiences that we know only God could have saved us from!  I so glad his life was spared.  We thank God for his protection daily!  …and a shout goes here!