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Blended families can experience certain hardships specific to their situation. For example, co-parents using their children as emotional weapons against the other parent. This is called child sabotage and is often the result of one or both co-parents being bitter, resentful or jealous because the other has moved on. Keith uses the story of Abraham, Sarah and Hagar to explain blended families with a co-parent living in the same house and the struggles they experienced.

Remember this, the children will grow up and figure out the truth for themselves! The #1 thing co-parents should focus on is what’s in the best interest of the child. In order to do what’s best for the child, co-parents must bury the hatchet  and focus on the child’s well-being.

Vania shares some tips for those with multiple children:

  1. Treat all the children equally,
  2. Be consistent in each child’s life,
  3. Be mindful about what they are saying about their mom or dad…Even if it’s TRUE!

“Catching up with the Careys” is practical, Godly-based, relationship advice for engaged or married couples given by Husband & Wife team, Keith & Vania Carey. Keith Carey has over 10 yrs experience as a marriage counselor. He is the Pastor of “Faith in Action Ministries Incorporated” and works as a peer counselor. Vania Carey has over 20 yrs experience in Human Services and works as an addictions counselor. She holds a Master’s degree in Human Services Counseling and is currently working on her second Master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling.