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About Cheryl Jackson

When it comes to the inspiration brand, Cheryl Jackson is one of the nation's leading media personalities in the format. A trailblazer in the field, she created the first Urban Inspiration Radio Station in the United States while programming Heaven 1580 in Washington DC.

Urban inspiration is a lifestyle driven music format that fuses Pop, R&B, gospel and Contemporary Christian music with today's trending news and current affairs, all with an inspirational twist. Major media outlets have adopted this brand of programming throughout the world, in hopes of marketing their product to mainstream advertisers.

As an champion for the gospel and urban inspiration brand, she was and is instrumental breaking some of the major gospel artists in their quest to establish their careers while coming to the DMV.

A 2x Stellar Award winning radio personality herself, she is the Executive Producer for the nationally syndicated radio show, “Get Up Mornings with Erica Campbell”. She can be heard on Praise 104.1 FM in Washington DC for her highly rated radio show, "Cheryl Jackson in the Midday''; and worldwide on Urban One's Inspiration Network. Most importantly, she’s a wife, a mother, a friend, and a daughter of the King

GIVE ME LIBERTY Freedom is a place without obligations.  Freedom is to live exempt from debts, constraints, and bonds.  Our obligation for the sin we’ve committed is to satisfy justice.  Our souls cannot be free without a release from our debt of sin, and the currency demanded for a soul is death. When our debt […]

LASTING LOVE Romantic relationships come and go; people can be in love one day and out of it the next!  When love is approached selfishly, relationships are abandoned when there is no longer a benefit.  This can even happen in friendships.  If you have been through this kind of heartache, you may be a bit […]

PURPOSEFUL PLANS “Lord, nothing has been going to plan lately.” It’s a prayer that you may have prayed recently, or can certainly empathize with.  Some of us like to plan everything right down to the finest detail.  If you aren’t one of these people, you still have plans in your heart about your goals and […]

PRAYERFUL UNION Imagine what it would have been like to be those women who gathered with the apostles at the very beginning of the early church.  It would have been exciting to experience the presence and power of the Holy Spirit.  Excitement would also have been mixed with fears, doubts, and quite possibly the ridicule […]

LIFT UP LEADERS In a society where we can pick and choose according to personal preference, our church leaders do not stand much of a chance when submitted to critique.  How often do we walk away from a sermon, teaching, or conversation with a leader and pick out what we didn’t like about it? It […]

STANDING AT THE LAST We serve a God who at the end, after everything has fallen and everything has changed, will still stand.  In all of our confusion, suffering, and hopelessness, we have the enduring promise of serving the one who will always be greater. It’s easy to become discouraged in this life, but when […]

Tim Bowman Jr., Faith City Music and Le’Andrea Johnson’s “Jesus!” remains at No. 1 on Billboard’s Gospel Airplay chart (dated June 24th). In the June 9-14 tracking week. “Jesus!” was co-authored by Bowman Jr., Johnson, Gerald Haddon and Tammi Haddon. Bowman Jr. co-produced it with Gerald Haddon and Pjay Edmund. The song is from Bowman Jr. […]

The name Johns Hopkins is synonymous with excellence in research and patient care. The Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center at Sibley Memorial and Suburban Hospital provide surgical, radiation and medical oncology services in Washington, D.C. metro area. Patients are able to receive the world renown Johns Hopkins care including for clinical trials, proton therapy and […]

POWERFUL WORDS There is so much power in quieting our minds and listening to the voice of God as he speaks directly to us.  We must learn to recognize His voice above any other sound.  God has the power and the ability to speak to any situation we going through, under any circumstance. Since the […]

NOTHING OF MY OWN When we let down our guard and pretenses, and we truly open our hearts and minds before God, we cannot help but feel exposed in his sight.  Everything we’ve said, everything we’ve thought. everything we’ve done is known by him.  But in that vulnerability, we must understand that no matter what […]

ESTABLISH YOUR HEART We can decide on something in our minds and have the full intention to follow through, only to lose resolve when our heart is pulled elsewhere.  The human heart is easily changed.  It’s driven by emotion and desire.  Distractions of the world will readily try to shift our focus.  That is why […]

Tim Bowman Jr., Faith City Music and Le’Andrea Johnson’s “Jesus!” ascends to No. 1 on Billboard’s Gospel Airplay chart (dated June 17). In the June 2-8 tracking week, the single increased by 13% in plays, according to Luminate. “Jesus!” was co-authored by Bowman Jr., Johnson, Gerald Haddon and Tammi Haddon. Bowman Jr. co-produced it with Gerald […]