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Beyonce is taking athleisure to a new level with this streetwear inspired slope-ready Icy Park collection.

What came first the chicken or the egg and in Hip Hop would Salt-N-Pepa still been Salt-N-Pepa without the DJ Spinderella? The epic biopic of Salt-N-Pepa on The Lifetime channel went down last night giving us the background story of the rise of the original all girl band.

Larry King, award-winning journalist and television host has passed away. He was 87 years old.

Breastfeeding during the pandemic, it’s rough not to celebrate or just take a drink when you need a little wine down. If you’re like me, your milk may not be where you think it should be. Yes, the CDC recommends that you shouldn’t drink at all, but it’s advised that a mother should wait at […]

Michelle Obama's hairstylist, Yene Damtew, is sharing how she created Michelle Obama's Inauguration hair and all you need is this flat iron.

If this happens, this might be the only good thing that Donald Trump would leave behind after four terrible years as President of the United States. 

Oprah sent youth poet laureate Amanda Gorman jewelry to wear to the 46th Inauguration that paid homage to Maya Angelou.

We were pleased to see the hair stylist behind this look is based in Northern Virginia. Arlington-based hair stylist, Yene Damtew, the owner of Aesthetics Salon.

What They Wore: Vice-President-Elect Kamala Harris and Dr. Jill Biden were stunning at The COVID-19 Memorial Service. Where's all the details of what they wore.