Community Spotlight

  This week on the Community Affairs Show Cheryl Jackson talks with Dr. Vikki Johnson about Spiritual and Practical ways to combat anxiety.   Current life situations has many people experiencing anxiety and panic attacks at an alarming rate.  Soul Wealth Coach, Dr. Vikki Johnson shares the dangers of this emotion and how we can use […]

Today on the Community Affairs Show Cheryl Jackson talks with The founder of 100 Black Men Prince George’s County, Walter Kirkland about the Importance of Mentoring during this time of racial unrest.  As the world is faced with a deadly pandemic, racial disparities has escalated tremendously. Mr. Kirkland shares what 100 Black Men of Prince […]

Cheryl Jackson chats with Director Trueblood from the DC Office of Planning about the upcoming census and how you can make sure you #GetCountedDC. Get more info >>

Imagine signing your child up for a team sport, believing the experience would teach them to even reinforce the good traits you want to be instilled in them to become successful and productive adults in society. Now, imagine the coach you trusted with your child’s development begins to yell and use profanity toward your child […]

History, and particularly Black history, is one of the hardest things to get people excited about. It is about things that have happened to us as a people, culture, and society in the past. Most would prefer to live in the future. However, we know that when you do not know your history, you are […]

  Darrell Brown, Director of the Charles County Economic Development Department, and his colleagues share the tremendous prosperity Charles County has experienced recently. They speak of the benefits businesses experience, the support the Economic Development Department offers, and upcoming plans of further expansion into technology for the county, its business owners, and its residents.

There are only a handful of currency designers in the world, and even fewer of color. While Brian Thompson is not the first Black currency designer, he is the only one to design a banknote, front and back, by himself. He took on the task of redesigning the newest version of the one hundred dollar […]

Denise Hill speaks with Kelvin Yates, an Ambassador for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, about how LLS has helped him battle and beat cancer, their support network for patients and their families, as well as their activities all can participate in.

Denise Hill speaks with the Director of DC’s Department of Housing and Community Development, Polly Donaldson, about the current vision for addressing DC’s housing and homeless issue, redevelopment, gentrification, and the recent DC Housing Expo held at the Washington Convention Center. “

Prince Georges County Parks And Recreation and Radio One celebrates, Deanna Jefferson, one of the nominees for this year’s Black History Month Community Award.