As I continue to share the stories of breast cancer survivors, I am honored to bring, in his own words, the story of Ambrose Kirkland; a male breast cancer survivor. I remember growing up like so many thinking breast cancer was an older, white woman’s disease. As society observed the mortality rate of women of […]

As I continue to share the stories of breast cancer survivors, I have heard, repeatedly, from survivors that they did not make it on their own accord. Family, friends, support groups, and other caregivers helped them during the fight. Most prominent on the list of caregivers, is the medical team that guides treatment. Here, in […]

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. What better way to encourage regular breast self examinations, inspire those challenged in the fight to survive, or to celebrate the victory of survivors than to hear from them all month long. The SO ALIVE Project is here to share the stories of survivors and caregivers. In her own […]


According to researchers, denser breasts make it harder to detect cancer in a mammogram because non-cancerous fatty cells could show up as white on a mammogram, the same as cancerous fatty cells.

Thousands of women (and men) are banding together to share their stories and fight to find a cure for breast cancer. With October being Breast Cancer Awareness Month, social media activists have sought to maintain a culture of awareness for the better -- and sometimes the worse.

Breast Cancer Awareness, research and early detection are all very important to me. Losing my mother last year due to this disease has undoubtedly changed my…

In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we want to share your  testimonies of dealing with this illness. Be an inspiration for those who need it. Submit your or someone you know’s story of fighting breast cancer and we’ll feature one everyday on our site for the duration of the month. To share, just fill […]


When is Breast Cancer Awareness Month? National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, or NBCAM, runs through October of ever year, though according to the website, it’s…