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The issue of gay marriage is a divisive one in this the country particularly because of the opposition from the Christian community. Some Black Christians are on the fence about supporting the first Black president who recently announce his support for the hot button issue. Has Obama lost the Black Christian vote over his position of same sex marriage? In your opinion, is it possible to be Christian and support the rights of gay people?

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When news broke that the president switched his position on same sex marriage many of our listeners chimed in on the debate on our Facebook page. Obama is leaning on the Black vote to win a second term as the Commander-in-Chief but this recent announcement may have angered some Black Christians, according to the reaction on Facebook.

Did Barack Obama lose your vote with this announcement? Yes or no. Vote below.    

See some comments from our Facebook page.

Damon Parran our brother has made a grave misstep with the black community. He just split his vote. i know dudes that don’t even go church talking about they ain’t voting for Obama because how he feels on the issue.

Badia Atcherson I know what the Word says and it cant be changed, it’s us who need to change. I’m saddened by the decision, somebody thought that was the right move to make. Smh

Rhonda Walters I respect what he believes. He is ultimately leaving it to each state to legitimize. He still has my vote. There will be some gay married couples in heaven, believe it or not.

Jerome Smith As Christians we are so quick to judge when we see something that isnt in the prevue of God. Paul reminds us that all have sinned and come short of God’s glory! We also need to remember that all sin is sin and that one sin is not greater than another! I do not believe that God is using his big tote board in Heaven measuring the sins of his children. Now I believe the President made a bold statement today on his stance on gay marriage. For those who have said that he does not get my vote, please consider the alternate. The GOP has done everything to destroy this man and will take this country back to pre civil rights America. I hope my brothers and sister that is not where you want to go. Pray for our President, because I don’t believe there isnt anyone of us that would want to be in his shoes to make those decisions. Be blessed

Rhonda Shirl Blakey He will get my vote simply because he stands for MANY more issues beyond this one. Its a very sad day to read posts where it appears folks believe there is an option to not vote at all…completely dismissing our race’s equal rights battle that was waged to gain that very right. SMH #howsoonweforget