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The results of Loop 21’s State Of The Black Economy (SOBE) poll are in after ambassadors overseeing the SOBE project looked to assess publicly what African Americans thought of President Barack Obama’s job performance and other factors important to the Black community.

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Atop the list of concerns for respondents heading into the presidential election were employment gains, immigration issues and job security. Overwhelmingly, the poll signified that racial bias was experienced by 65 percent of those polled with respondents saying that all but 7 percent of Blacks suffer bias.

1457 people were polled between July 9 and July 27 of this year, and 86 percent of the respondents approve of Obama’s performance regarding the economy. Most agreed that the nation’s economy is in terrible shape, voting “not so good” at a rate of 86 percent regarding America’s economic woes. According to the SOBE report, African-Americans still feel that they share common experiences such as a race, resulting in a 70 percent response. And 63 percent reported that their personal finances were “not so good.”To see the full results of the report, please follow this link.

Below are a few infographics to give you an idea of how some of the poll’s respondents think about race.

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