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The Paula Deen (pictured) racism controversy rages on with the latest news coming from a New York Times interview the “Cholesterol Queen” did last fall for their TimesTalk video series. During the interview, Deen is reportedly seen putting her racist foot in her mouth as she discusses her great-grandfather’s suicide when he lost all of his slaves, according to RadarOnline.

In the interview, which took place in New York City, Deen reportedly explained how her great grandfather was so distraught about the outcome of the Civil War — having to release all of his 37 slaves in addition to his own son’s death — that “he went out in to his barn and shot himself because he couldn’t deal with those kind of changes,” she said at the New York Times event.

Deen then went on to explain how she and her family viewed Blacks once-upon-a-time, “Back then, Black folk were such an integral part of our lives,” said Deen. “They were like our family, and for that reason we didn’t see ourselves as  prejudice.”

It was at this point that Deen summoned her Black personal security guard to apparently drive home her point. And before Hollis Johnson (pictured) could walk over to Deen, she called his name then remarked in front of a packed-audience that he was as “black as this board,” pointing to the dark backdrop behind her. Adding even more insult to injury, Deen said,  “We can’t see you standing in front of that dark board!” she quipped, as the audience joined her in laughter.

Watch Deen here:

In yet another instance at the very same New York Times event, Deen described race relations in the South as “pretty good.” “We’re all prejudiced against one thing or another,” she added. “I think Black people feel the same prejudice that White people feel.”

Deen lost her three wildly popular TV shows with the Food Network Friday, after admitting, under oath, that she had used the N-word on more than one occasion.  The courthouse confession in May came during a deposition in a lawsuit brought on by a former restaurant manager accusing Deen and her brother of using racial slurs at work and of having questionable attitudes toward Blacks in general.


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