A billboard in Atlanta is causing some heads to turns on a morning commute to work. A number of signs down I-285, including one off of Redwine Road and another near Conley Road, display big white words reading “BLACK PEOPLE ARE BEING PUSHED OUT OF ATLANTA”. The signs are linked to a documentary called Gentrified produced by […]

Chef Armand Appling alleges that his former boss and Nevada dude ranch owner Madeleine Pickens asked him to make "black people food" in a federal racial discrimination lawsuit. The African-American chef, who was fired in 2014, also claims Pickens hurled degratory insults at a Black employee.

The video, which features Black BuzzFeed employees presenting questions that seem to perpetuate sweeping generalizations and inaccurate stereotypes, starts off satirical, but ends up looking like a bunch of people confused about the role racism plays in most of the questions, putting the onus on Black people -- not systemic oppression -- to answer.

Pastor A.J. Aamir does not allow the leaders of his church staff at Resurrecting Faith in Waco, TX to wear weaves. He cannot legally prohibit women from wearing weaves in his church but he still speaks against and limits it when he is able. According Americapreachers.com: Pastor Aamir feels women wearing weaves presents a false […]

The Paula Deen (pictured) racism controversy rages on with the latest news coming from a New York Times interview the “Cholesterol Queen” did last fall for…