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According to WXYZ in Detroit, Kwame Kilpatrick’s will spend 28 years in prison for running a criminal enterprise out of city hall.

Today, he he learned his fate inside federal court in downtown Detroit. The boy who dreamed of being Detroit mayor is now a man disgraced.

Kwame Kilpatrick never had the comeback he promised after the text message scandal that bounced him out of office and into the Wayne County jail.

In March, a federal jury convicted Kilpatrick and his friend, Bobby Ferguson of racketeering, bribery, and other charges.

The jury found his father, Bernard Kilpatrick, guilty of a tax crime.

City hall was for sale during the Kilpatrick years and today Detroit’s most infamous former mayor learned his fate.

Kilpatrick’s lawyer had argued for no more than 15 years behind bars.

Kilpatrick’s lawyer, Harold Gurewitz,  has asked for mercy – reminding the Judge that Kilpatrick is already “infamous, destitute and disgraced.”

But the fact that Kilpatrick betrayed the public trust as an elected official undoubtedly added years to his sentence.

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