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My boyfriend is so hard to shop for. He never creates a wish list therefore I am stuck trying to play psychic for the season while I attempt to read his mind. Usually I stick with the basics — new undies, a designer watch, or my personal fave: gift certificates! But this holiday season I wanna wow him and win his heart forever. I want him to think that I’m the best girlfriend he’s ever had (because in reality this is beyond the truth anyways)!

But where on earth do you find said gifts. Gifts that are practical, inexpensive (because we’ve got rent to pay), and no repeats of past Christmas gifts. Well, I’ve been obsessed with Walmart for years and I’m super sure that we’ll find the perfect gifts for your boo. Here’s a few ideas to help us on our journey.

1. iPad

What guy doesn’t like electronics?! And this season give your guy the slickest electronic out — the new iPad Air. This new device comes equipped with loads of new features that I can bet he’s already Googled and knows all about. As a tip, set his home screen with a picture of you and him — remind him of the gorgeousness he has right at his fingertips.

2. Headphones

For the moments when he really needs to concentrate or when he needs to tune out your favorite must-watch show, “Love & Hip-Hop” (the boo hates that show), he can use his new FrogEye Renegade H10 Noise Cancelling Wireless Headphones. Word is, these headphones are top of the line and promise to eliminate outside noise pollution all while making every note sound crisp and clear. #Winning

3. “The Wire” DVD Box Set

Violence, sexual content, drug use, strong language… what’s a guy not going to like? If you’ve been somewhere buried deep under a rock and you’ve never watched this provocative series from HBO, you’ll love this gift too. The series follows one investigation throughout the entire season, unlike other shows that neatly package their crimes in one-hour time slots. Even if he’s seen this series, your boo will still like having this collection on his DVD shelf. Plus you can get your Idris Elba stare on too.

4. Poker Set

Raise the ante with this stylish gaming set, complete with 300 chips and playing cards, nestled in a masculine aluminum carrying case. To add your flavor to this gift, have it personalized with a good luck message!

5. Peace, Love, and Barbecue

My boo is a Top Chef in the making. He loves cooking and let’s not forget about his smokin’-hot grill skills. This unique book from Grand World Champion pitmaster Mike Mills shares behind-the-scenes stories about the world of barbecue and most importantly, reveals the prize-winning recipes of many BBQ masters. Happy grilling!

6. Coupon Book

One of the most inexpensive ways to say I love is to DIY your gift. Whether you just started dating, or you’ve been together forever, a coupon book is a great way to give a gift that actually works for you too. Coupons can be hand-made or printed, and can be for things like “Get out of one argument free” or “One Day of football” or “Good for one back massage.” Get creative, keep it sexy and he’ll thank you for it later.

7. XBox Live 12-month Gold Membership

Video games upgrades will never get old. This subscription service will take your honey and his Xbox 360 online to play Kinect and controller games with friends wherever they are.

So head on over to your nearest Walmart to find the perfect gift for your boo!

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