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Who is Dominique Haddon? Dominique Haddon is married to Deitrick Haddon, a cast member on Oxygen’s “Preachers of LA.” Deitrick and Dominique Haddon tied the knot in July 2013, months after the 40-year-old preacher split with Damita Haddon, his wife of more than 15 years. Deitrick Haddon’s divorce came amid allegations of infidelity, as Damita has been linked to gospel singer Isaac Carree.

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Who is Dominique Haddon, other than a topic of blogger gossip? Dominique Haddon, formerly known as Dominique Mctyer, was 29 when she married Deitrick Haddon, and at the time of their wedding, they had a one-year-old daughter named Destin. When the “Preachers of LA” star made Dominique Haddon his bride, he expressed his joy as all people do in the 21st century: by Instagramming about it. “Today was one of the greatest days of my life,” he wrote, according to the JasmineBRAND. “I’m no longer a single guy. @domerella has taken me off the market!!! I’m a married man!!!”

Who is Dominique Haddon? As per her Instagram profile, Dominique Haddon is “an educated black Woman of god! I have an A.A. & B.A. in Liberal Studies w/ emphasis in Natural Sciences! I’m qualified to do what I put my mind to!” But if you ask Deitrick Haddon the question “Who is Dominique Haddon,” the “Preachers of LA” cast member will likely give an even more impassioned answer and explain that she restored his faith after the incident that led to his divorce from Damita.

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“I experienced that, how you can be so hurt from people and things that happen in life that you say, ‘I don’t care nothing about church, singing no gospel music, I don’t care nothing about none of it,” Deitrick told Yolanda Adams, speaking about the divorce. “I’m just trying to live!” By September, he’d reached the point where he was ready to drop an album called “R.E.D.”—which stands for “Restoring Everything Damaged.”

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