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3. Google Glass

If sports and music aren’t his main thing, maybe he’s a bit of a tech head. We are in a fast-moving world where the next innovation is always around the corner. Well right now, the king of castle is probably the Google Glass. Just imagine him having his phone strapped to his face while totally hands free and voice commanded. Take a pic, shoot some video or make a call, all with his hands in his pockets. Now he’ll never be able to tell you “I didn’t see it ring.”

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4. Skully Heads Up Display Helmet

Remember when you sat next to your man on the day you saw “Iron Man” when it came out and how excited he was after? Now imagine if you could snatch the helmet off of Tony Stark and were to put it on your hubby’s head? Well, with technology like a rear-facing 180-degree camera, GPS navigation, Bluetooth connectivity, an accelerometer, a gyroscope, and a compass all hands free and projected on the visor of the helmet, that’s pretty much what the Skully Heads-Up helmet is. (Price TBD)

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5. BMW M-Zero Concept

Ok, we did say earlier that money was no object remember? Not that we wanna offend anybody but in the words of Meek Mill, there are indeed levels to this ish. Well, with the BMW M-Zero, we’d like to welcome you to the Boss B*tch level aka The Beyoncé view. If you’re calling shots like you claim, this shouldn’t be heart-attack material. Not if you imagine how good the both of you will look in it in front of everybody. Besides, seeing as how its a concept, it’s not likely to be available till 2015. Start saving!

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