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Fred & Maya Angelou

Fred Hammond shares a heartfelt memory of Dr. Maya Angelou on his Facebook page.  Check it out here:

Hey family. (A little long but it may bless you)

A few years ago Bebe Winans invited me to be a part of an event that was being thrown by Oprah, and I mean it was a gala of all galas, as extravagant as you can ever imagine. Among the singers were Marvin Winans, Bebe and Cece, the Clark sisters, Vanessa Bell Armstrong and Pastor AR Bernard brought the message. 
The audience was filled with billionaires, millionaires and stars.

The front row had Donald Trump, quincy Jones, Cicely Tyson, Tyler Perry, Oprah Stedman and Gail.

At the end of the event Oprah came up to close. She went on to acknowledged all of the singers and had great comments about them all except for one… Yours truly.

Now it wasn’t on purpose or malicious It was probably because I was the least known by her and just happened to get overlooked, it happens.

Vanessa Bell Armstrong and the Clark sisters tried to get Oprah’s attention to correct the oversight, but I softly encouraged them not to worry about it. But If I’m honest I have to admit it was somewhat embarrassing and it stung a little bit, But I use that opportunity to flow in humility, you know a reminder to myself that I’m not really all that and my bag of chips are empty. LOL

After Pastor Bernard gave the benediction the celebrities in the audience beckoned to the other singers to come take pictures, and I kinda stayed on stage to talk to some of the musicians that played for us. (You know back in the day we called that Play’n it off lol)

Then I heard a woman’s voice call my name.

Her arms were outstretched waving in my direction. A little surprise I put my hand to my chest and asked “me?” She said yes you Fred Hammond.

I walked down off the stage where I was greeted with a warm hug from her. She put her warm aged hand on my face and said thank you for all you’ve done your ministry has blessed me down through the years. She looked at Cicily Tyson and said this is Fred Hammond and Ms Tyson said yes I know and gave me a hug.

The woman looked back and my grabbed both my hands and said keep doing what you’re doing your blessing to us all.

I was speechless… For that woman was the guest of honor of the whole event, Miss Maya Angelou.

Sometimes you may get overlooked or passed up, but be patient, God will show you He remembers.

Great Woman RIP.