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We reported earlier on the five-year-old North Carolina girl who saved her 90-year-old babysitter. Here’s another hero kid: a four-year-old Georgia boy, who helped his mother by calling 911 after she passed out. Jaden Howe says he didn’t know what was wrong with his mom. He did know, however, that she wasn’t responding and needed help. That’s when he sprung into action. WALB in Georgia reports:

“I had given him a bath, put some clothes on him and then as I was walking out from his room in the hallway I was about to call my husband I fell,” said Juana Snell.

Snell says she passed out at their home Tuesday and that’s when her son sprung into action, calling 911.

“We’ve practiced. We went over the numbers and how to press the green button. Thank god he remembered,” said Snell.

Little Jaden called from his mom’s cell phone, but couldn’t remember his address. The dispatcher told Jaden to go to his neighbor’s house so they could get an exact location.

He stayed on the phone with the dispatcher until he got to her house, then hung up. But the neighbor called back and paramedics were on their way just as Snell became conscious.

“I said it’s going to be fine,” said Jaden.

“He did say that. He said it’s going to be just fine Mommy,” said Snell.

And Snell still can’t believe her playful four year-old saved the day. “The funniest thing is that he was just so calm. Because when I woke up when the paramedics came in he was like a little grown man.” Read more.

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