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dear godDear God:  Thank you for the reminder that you are the Creator of grass.  Even when my neighbor’s appears all together and mine does not.

What does it mean to have it all together?

David was the King of Israel.

He was God’s chosen and had wealth beyond measure.

I’m sure that people looked at him as someone who had it all together.

I’m certain that people looking at his life and envied him.

But beneath his seemingly all together life was an altogether different picture.

Because having it all together does not mean that you are completely together.

The sum total of David’s life was evidence that he was not altogether all together.

As green as his grass was, the other side looked better.

As he looked across the palace walls onto the grass of Uriah, he thought the other side was greener.

King David looked at his seemingly all together life as altogether void of what he wanted most:  Bathsheba.

So, instead of watering his grass he kept looking at the grass on the other side.

He neglected his grass so much so that the desire for Bathsheba drove him to murder.

He used the influence of his all together altogether to get her.

All to get her.

His altogether overshadowed his all together all to get her.

What is it that we are looking at outside of our lives that will cause our all together to altogether crumble?

Could it be that if we tended to our lawns more carefully, even when it turned brown, that God would make it grow?

Or are we SO distracted because we keep looking to external forces to fill a void in our lives?

Your grass, no matter how brown it is, belongs to you.

If it has stopped growing, has turned brown, coarse or has died:  fix it.

If you need to uproot and plant in different ground:  do it.

If you need to sprinkle more fertilizer to promote stunted growth: do it.

If you need to become more consistent in watering your grass: do it.

And when you care for your lawn, don’t look at your neighbor’s.

Because you have no idea what they did to get that perfectly altogether manicured lawn.

Take care of yours and don’t ever let your all together fall  altogether apart.

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