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Next time you’re looking for an awesome new natural hair product, try your kitchen! Yup, everything you need to keep your hair looking and feeling great is probably already in your cabinets at home. Here’s a few essentials you’ve probably been eating that you can also use in your hair!

Coconut Oil. This is probably every natural girl’s staple item, and for good reason. This stuff is great for EVERYTHING! Not only is it great to cook with, it’s one of the most moisturizing oils for your hair. Use coconut oil as a conditioner or a sealant to keep tresses strong and free from split ends.

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Olive Oil. I can’t really imagine a kitchen without olive oil. This is something that you absolutely should be using to cook with, but also for your hair. Similar to coconut oil it penetrates your hair to lock in moisture. A lot of women love the way olive oil conditions and strengthens. It’s definitely worth a try since you already have it!

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Apple Cider Vinegar. This is a great all-around health product. Great for the body and hair. ACV is becoming more popular in homes as it’s a great for your immune system and some people really just like the taste. This super product not only does wonders for your overall health, but helps keep your hair on point at all times. It’s the ultimate cleanser, so try opting for this next time you run out of shampoo.

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Yogurt. Yummy to eat and great for a much needed deep conditioning session. Try using greek yogurt when you feel your is weak and needs some extra life. Yogurt is packed with protein, which will not only moisturize, but keep hair from breakage. Feel free to mix with your favorite oils, and even honey to give your hair even more love.

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Eggs. A bit messy, but some naturals swear by it. Eggs are another source of protein, and can be used before you wash your hair. I suggest you mix with other ingredients like yogurt, bananas, or avocado. Use a blender to mix everything together to create your own hair mask. If you’re adventurous go for it! It’s definitely a lot cheaper than buying a protein conditioner, and I’m sure you have more than a few eggs in your refrigerator. Just be sure to rinse your hair thourougly, and don’t add heat. We don’t want any eggs frying up in your hair!

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