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After we ended the initial interviews with Lynne and Bayla, the interview really began! We started talking about everything surrounding Domestic Violence and how it really affected the kids, other family members and the very destiny of their lives. As I spoke with them, though I was not involved in the situations, I felt as if I were there experiencing the heartache and pain they endured and were delivered from.

In the accounts Bayla speaks of how she nearly committed murder and it was God that intervened. Lynne’s account was not less horrific. She had to sleep with a weapon in fear because her husband threatened to kill her when he returned from his drug escapade.

I consider these women “Heroes”!!! They sought something that everyone desires…….”Love”. The trusted the men they committed to would protect them and never hurt them. In turn endured evil and heinous acts committed against them and in the end they trusted in God to reconcile the situation and today they are living happy and victim free lives.

Here is what happened when we finished the interview!