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In what is clearly yet another ironic twist in the Charleston church massacre, one of shooter Dylann Roof’s best friends was Black, and said he still loves the now infamous alleged killer.

Christon Scriven gave a one and a half minute video interview to The Guardian newspaper (above), and revealed that Roof talked about committing a mass shooting at the University of Charleston when they were drunk on vodka last week. He said that the school was the “primary target,” and not the and not the the historically black Emanuel AME church, where Roof murdered six women and three men on Wednesday.

Scriven said that his friends were so concerned after hearing his drunken plans, that they took his gun away that night. The Guardian reports:

…Scriven and another friend, Joey Meek, were concerned enough to go out to Roof’s car and retrieve his .45-caliber handgun, hiding it in an air-conditioning vent of a mobile home until they all sobered up.

Scriven says that eventually he and Meek gave Roof his gun back, both because they had “records, and couldn’t possess a firearm,” and because Roof’s girlfriend asked them to. Scriven also confirmed that Roof’s mother also took his gun away at some point, but that somehow he got the weapon back.

Interestingly, Scriven also said that in all the times that he and Roof had gotten fall-down drunk together, he never said “anything racist” to him. In fact, the 21-year-old says what Roof did in the historic black church doesn’t change his feelings for his former neighbor at all.

“My opinion about Dylann doesn’t change, my feelings for Dylann doesn’t change,” says Scriven. “I still love him as a friend.”

SOURCE: The Guardian

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