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Chicago Police Superintendent Holds News Conference Day After Multiple Shootings In City

Chicago Police Department Supt. Garry McCarthy has recommended the firing of the off-duty officer who shot and killed unarmed Rekia Boyd in 2012, according to ABC 7.

The officer, Dante Servin, escaped conviction of involuntary manslaughter in April,  but the Independent Police Review Authority recommended in September that he be fired for the death of the 22-year-old woman.

McCarthy agreed with the board’s findings, saying the officer displayed poor judgement, writes the news outlet.

From ABC 7:

“His actions tragically resulted in the death of an innocent young woman and an unthinkable loss for a Chicago family and community,” the superintendent said.

The shooting happened in Douglas Park, which is close to Servin’s home. He had told two couples at the park to keep the noise down. Harsh words were exchanged.

Servin said he saw one of the men pull out what he believed was a handgun and approached his car. The officer then fired five shots from inside his car at the group of people.

Without claiming liability for the incident, the city recently settled a wrongful death lawsuit with Boyd’s family for $4.5 million, the report notes.

While no amount of money or prosecutions can bring Boyd back to her family, at least they are seeing some semblance of justice.



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