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Female Prison Guard Falls In Love With Inmate; Charged With Rape 

Authorities unleashed a drug sniffing dog on the home of Nicole Bartley, resulting in her arrest. The 30-year-old was a Rikers Island correctional officer who is the 26th staff member from the jail to be arrested since the Department of Investigations launched a probe into corruption within the prison system. Bartley was planning to sneak marijuana into the jail for one of the inmates that she was having a relationship with. “I was in love with him. He used me and played me for a fool. I had sex with him on one occasion in the jail a few days before Jan. 30,” said Bartley in her criminal complaint. In her statement she also shared, “I used a condom. It was in the closet in the morning when everyone else was locked in. It only lasted five minutes.” Under New York law, inmates cannot legally consent to sex; Bartley has since been charged with third degree rape. She was released on $1,000 bail and faces up to four years in prison. Daily Mail

Black NYPD Officer Wins $12M Brutality Lawsuit

In 2010, Larry Jackson was celebrating his daughter’s birthday when an altercation took place outside of his home. His wife called the police and 70 officers arrived in total but 12 in particular proceeded to beat Jackson with batons as well as choked, kicked, and sprayed him in the face with pepper spray. “Dude, it is my house and I am a police officer too,” Jackson told the arresting officers. The off-duty cop had a shield in his pocket but was mistaken for one of the assailants that had caused the altercation. He was arrested and booked at the 113th Precinct station house. Despite the Queens District Attorney’s Office declining to prosecute the arresting officers, a Brooklyn Federal Court jury determined Jackson is entitled to punitive damages from 12 individual officers totaling $2.6 million, in addition to $12.5 million in damages. Jackson’s recovery is still ongoing as his hand was fractured in the incident and he’s been unable to properly hold his gun. The city’s Law Department believes the award is “excessive” and is looking to have the ruling overturned. NY Daily News

Black Professor Loses Her Job After Wearing Hijab In Support Of Muslims 

Two months after Larycia Hawkins was placed on leave by Wheaton College for wearing a hijab in support of the Muslim community, the associate professor of political science, has been terminated. Hawkins, who’s worked at Wheaton since 2003, was the first African American woman to ever become a tenured professor at the evangelical Christian institution. At the time of the incident, in December 2015, the school said Hawkins reprimand was not about her wearing the hijab but it was in response to her going against the school’s Statement of Faith. In a Facebook post she said Muslims and Christians, “…worship the same God.” The college has since released a statement on it’s website saying that it and Hawkins “reached a confidential agreement under which they will part ways.” Chicago Sun Times

Clinton Refers To Sanders As The “President” While Campaigning 

Chelsea Clinton has been a fixture throughout her mother’s presidential campaign. During high-priced fundraising dinners, the 35-year-old has been trying to convince donors and voters that Senator Clinton is the best candidate for issues including LGBT rights and education. In the midst of a 30 minute Q&A session in Minnesota, Chelsea told a crowd that “President Sanders” once voted for legal immunity for gun manufacturers and the U.S. needs to revoke those rights. While she immediately followed up the initial statement in saying, “I’m sorry, excuse me. Sen. Sanders. I hope not President Sanders”, the video of the mishap has already gone viral with nearly one million views. AOL News


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