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The DMV NAACP Hometown Champion Evelyn Kim Rhim had a great time at the NAACP Image Awards and she gives you the details!

Here’s her story:

Evelyn Kim Rhim is the founder and current Executive Director of The Training Source, Inc., located in Seat Pleasant, Maryland. Ms. Rhim holds a BBA, magna cum laude, from Howard University, and an MBA from Columbia University. After more than a decade of professional and managerial assignments at IBM and Bell Atlantic, Ms. Rhim discovered her niche as she witnessed the first downsizing in IBM’s history which resulted in the devastation of many adults who were now faced with searching for employment in a competitive environment.

Ms. Rhim founded The Training Source, Inc., in 1993. It was her dream to utilize her skills, abilities and knowledge to help others achieve their goals. The Training Source, Inc. celebrated 22 years of being “Engineered for Excellence”, which is the motto for the organization. With the help of her staff, board and other constituents she has affected the lives of the unemployed, underemployed, youth, and individuals with developmental disabilities.

Ms. Rhim is a shining light for those finding their way through their journey. The Training Source is a facility of hope. I feel this award will bring The Training Source the recognition it deserves!