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…not such a big problem for me.  The biggest struggle that I now have is the mental aspect of health—being able to deal with stress and pressures of life and making sure that doesn’t negatively affect me. Many people don’t realize that our mental truly does affect our physical.  I counteract the negative mental strains with meditation and affirmations.

BDO: What would you say is your greatest health accomplishment?

Taimak:  Being almost 46 years old, I’m in the best shape of my life, even better than I was when starring in The Last Dragon. As you get older, your priorities change.  When I was younger, I wanted to have a huge chest or biceps.  Now, it’s more about remaining healthy, being able to run, exercise, and maintain a healthy lifestyle. One of my most recent biggest achievements is that I completed the 26.2 mile New York marathon last year.  It was such a thrill running through all five boroughs and crossing the finish line.

BDO:  Name one exercise that when you do it, it doesn’t feel like exercise?

Taimak:  Strength conditioning and my normal exercise routine have been a part of my life for so long that its just a part of me—its who I am.

BDO:  Name one health condition that’s prevalent in your family, and how you work to keep it in check?

Taimak:  Various heart conditions have struck some close to me.  That is one reason why I’m such an advocate for creating a healthy lifestyle when you’re young so that it can be a part of you and grow with you as you grow.

BDO:  In your pursuit of achievement, what keeps you going?

Taimak:  The love of my family, friends, and fans keeps going daily.  They are my base and my support

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