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Crystal Marable, Author, Certified Etiquette Consultant, Mentor and Advocate for girls, is the founder of the Graceful Girlz ministry and author. Crystal has a sincere desire for girls to succeed in their lives spiritually, socially, academically and morally. The Graceful Girlz ministry is leading the path to inspire, encourage and teach girls how to display and share the Fruit of the spirit with others and to use their spiritual gifts to impact their families, schools and communities.

Crystal’s children’s book, Graceful Gabby Finds Love In Blue, has positively impacted their daughter’s life and encouraged her to recite and practice the Fruit of the Spirit. Her vision is for young ladies to remain steadfast, set goals, follow their dreams and to never give up.  For more inforamtion about Graceful Girlz check ou the website

Our Cheryl Jackson, talks to Crystal about Graceful Girlz and the launch of her new book here: