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According to Issac Lindsey, manager of the legendary, Joe Ligon, posts:

I am only posting this picture because the Bossman – Joe Ligon asked me to because he is furious about it. This is one of the most disrespectful and misleading pics that I’ve ever seen. Joe Ligon is no longer affiliated with anyone on this picture. He fired them. To use his image without his permission is downright disrespectful and Mr. Ligon says that this will not go unanswered by his Attorneys. Mr. Ligon is currently preparing to release his first book and biography as well as a documentary film entitled – “The Mighty Clouds of Joy – A Legacy – Stolen” that will detail how people that he trusted stole his money, stole his name, stole his royalties, stole his catalouge and even after separating from some of these people for more than 3 years…they have the nerve to put his photo on a cover of a project that he has absolutely nothing to do with. In fact, he’s preparing to record his own project with his own group – Joe Ligon & The Mighty Clouds of Joy. Mr. Ligon wants the World to know that he in no way supports these guys using his name, his image, and any of his songs. In fact, anyone who supports this spin off group…who continues to steal from Mr. Ligon by using his name, his songs, and his image, is as much a thief as they are. And before, I take it back there is a whole lot more that I can add to it, and we promise you, it will be heard soon. Mr. Joe Ligon says that he just wants these people to leave him alone. That’s all! Let me add anyone that has a problem with my post, please do us both a favor and delete yourself.

A Go Fund Me page has been set up to help the legend with all of his expenses.

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