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During Monday’s debate, Hillary Clinton admonished Donald Trump for disparaging remarks he made about former Miss Universe Alicia Machado. Trump called the Venezuelan native “Miss Piggy” and “Miss Housekeeping,” negative comments aimed at Machado’s weight and the stereotype that most women of Latina descent work as maids. Clinton tapped Machado to narrate a new two-minute ad aimed at Trump’s hurtful description of her. “He was overwhelming,” she says. “I was very scared of him. He’d yell at me all the time.” Read more.

Off-Duty NYPD Cop Who Shot Delrawn Small Placed On Desk Duty As Investigation Continues

Officer Wayne Isaacs, the officer under investigation in the Delrawn Small case, was stripped of his gun and shield and placed on desk duty after conflicting video contradicting his initial statements emerged earlier in the week. Isaacs was off duty when he shot and killed Small during a road-rage incident on July 4. According to reports, Small trailed Isaacs for several blocks after Isaacs cut him off and then physically confronted him. Isaacs claimed he opened fire after Small punched him twice in the face. On Monday, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo gave Attorney General Eric Schneiderman the go-ahead to conduct a full investigation into Small’s death. Read more.

Officer In Keith Lamont Scott Shooting Didn’t Activate Body Cam Until Fatal Incident Was Over

Body camera footage in the Keith Lamont Scott shooting wasn’t activated until after the fatal encounter was over, the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department said on Tuesday. The officer’s actions violate a specific portion of the department’s policy that says officers are required to activate cameras during interactions involving traffic stops, suspicious vehicles, “voluntary investigative contact,” and arrests. The CMPD released the footage on Saturday, but the first 30 seconds has no sound. Cameras capture visuals but only record audio once activated, according to a CMPD spokesperson. Read more.

Watch The Riveting Fences Trailer Starring Denzel Washington & Viola Davis

After a successful revival of August Wilson’s award-winning play Fences, co-stars Denzel Washington and Viola Davis are back again in the Washington-directed remake, set to open on Christmas Day. The movie takes place in 1950s Pittsburgh and depicts the complicated dynamics of the Maxson family. Washington plays Troy Maxson, the story’s protagonist. Troy is a former Negro Leagues baseball player turned sanitation worker, struggling while his dream is deferred. Davis plays Rose Maxson, Troy’s stoic and supportive wife. Jovan Adepo, Stephen McKinley Henderson, Russell Hornsby, Mykelti Williamson, and Saniyya Sydney round out the all-star cast. Read more.

Serena Williams On Police Shootings: ‘I Refuse To Be Silent’

On Tuesday, tennis great Serena Williams posted a stirring message on Facebook expressing fatigue, fear, and disgust over recent police shootings. As a favor, Williams asked her nephew to drive her to meetings so she could answer messages on her phone. She said she became nervous for her nephew once she noticed a police officer on the side of the road. Williams quickly remembered how Philando Castile was shot on the side of the road in early July as his girlfriend live streamed. She soon questioned her impact, saying: “I than wondered than have I spoken up? I had to take a look at me. What about my nephews? What if I have a son and what about my daughters? As Dr. Martin Luther King said, ‘There comes a time when silence is betrayal.’” Read more.


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