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Donald J. Trump, the 45th President of the United States of America, has officially been sworn into office and there’s no amount of crying emojis or Michael Jordan memes that can convey how we feel.

The day was gloomy and as we watched in complete shock and horror culminating from November 8, social media had a field day with the commentary.

Here’s a recap of the moments that had us doing everything from shaking our heads to crying with laughter.

Michelle Obama’s face when Melania Trump handed her a Tiffany’s box as a parting gift.

We have to give our current First Lady a bit of credit for bringing the Obamas a token of her appreciation. But it was the former First Lady’s facial expression that had everyone’s Twitter fingers moving.

The Barack Obama walk.

So smooth and cavalier. We’ll miss all of his strides to and from the podium.

We officially give Clarence Thomas up in the Black draft.

Thomas swore in Vice President Mike Pence during the ceremony. The justice, whose legacy will forever be linked with sexual assault allegations, recently broke a 10-year-long Supreme Court silence in February 2016 when he posed a question to the court. Thomas is the first African-American justice to swear in a Vice President and according to a press release from the inauguration committee, Thomas used the same bible Ronald Reagan was sworn in with on both of his inaugurations.

Michelle Obama’s expressions during and after the swearing-in ceremony.

Really doesn’t need an explanation. The shade speaks for itself.

Donald Trump’s speech proved he still doesn’t get it.

Several times during his inauguration speech, President Trump again pandered to the section of America that elected him. With coded language, Trump touted his eminent power, forcing us to remember that we have many rivers to cross and much more work to do.



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