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Dr. Lynn Richardson is an author, speaker and financial expert. Among her many talents and accolades, she is the co-founder of Mc-Lyte’s Hip-Hop Sisters, and she is also known as the Madea of money. She talks about her first book, “Living Check to Monday.” Lynn talks about her experience with money; when she got out of college, she got a bunch of credit cards, and then landed herself in debt and couldn’t pay. She talks about when she was making thousands of dollars in a month and would still be broke by Monday, and how she learned to change that. She explains why money and spirituality are indeed necessary to get on a path to wealth.

Lynn reveals what she calls the 10 10 30 50 rule, which helps you divide your money up for tithing, life, and bills without overspending. She explains why she decided not to wait to get her money straight to tithe. Everybody has either been broke, she says, will be broke, or is broke right now. And poor people stay poor because they act rich in front of other poor people, which is pointless! Click on the audio player above and part two below to hear drop more gems more in this exclusive interview from “Get Up! Mornings With Erica Campbell.”

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