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True faith is meant to intersect with all facets of our lives. Injustice, violence and senseless acts against innocent people are travesties which are happening more and more.

Gospel artist Steve Dalton, the leader of an award-winning ensemble, believes that the Church should address issues that affect our brothers and sisters. He’s decided to do his part using the vehicle of music.

He and his group, the Leviticus Singers of Charlotte, recently released a song called “Heal The Scars.” The creation of the track was in response to racial unrest that occurred in their city and throughout this nation.

Dalton felt it was important to address the recent conflict in Charlotte from a spiritual perspective. He says:

“As Christians we cannot walk around with blinders on ignoring things that are taking place in our world. We have a right to be socially aware of all types of injustice whether it be racial, spiritual, economic, etc. The Bible is not just filled with the worship songs of David which is are mostly from a vertical standpoint.

But there are horizontal encounters in it as well such as murders, government issues, adultery claims, etc. So not only is it okay for us to sing about His love, but at the same time, it’s also okay for us to speak out about injustice and world issues using the message of His love to let people know that all men are created equal.”

Dalton sees music as a way to spread the Gospel. He grew up loving Gospel music. Bitten by the music bug at an early age, he learned to play the saxophone, flute, keyboard and drums before he was 11 years old. While still a youngster, he was tapped to direct the orchestra, the church choir and ultimately became part of the Church of God In Christ’s national orchestra. At 19, he became minister of music at his home church.

steve dalton

Steve Dalton

While a part of a conference choir in 2002, he was given the inspiration to start his own singing aggregation. His vision manifested with the formation of Steve Dalton & The Leviticus Singers of Charlotte. The group consists of 7 singers, all hailing from the Charlotte, North Carolina area. Much more than just singers, these young people have a special calling which is evidenced by their name.

Dalton says, “I believe your destiny is tied to your name. So I was committed to choosing a name that reflected the purpose of the group and was rooted in scripture. I was led to name the group after the book of Leviticus because that’s the first book where we are introduced to the Levites, those people who God called to maintain the temple. We consider ourselves modern day Levites,” shares Dalton.

These contemporary Levites dropped their debut CD in 2006, Address Change: God’s Great Relocation Music Project. Not only was the project a first for the group, but it branded what they call “vertical music.”  Dalton says, “Vertical music is music that is about God, points to God and is sung directly to God.” With the emphasis clearly on exalting God, the first release set the stage for the ensemble’s goal for ministry.

Along with their spirit-led music, their unforgettable performances have placed in them in the company of Gospel notables such as Marvin Sapp, John P. Kee, Jonathan Nelson, DeWayne Woods, Micah Stampley and Lexi. They have caught the attention of the industry netting an impressive eight nominations for awards such as the Rhythm of Gospel Awards, the Independent Artists Christian Music Awards and the Prayze Factor People’s Choice Awards, winning the 2016 Gospel Image Award for Group of the Year and a 2015 Gospel Image Award for Best Video of the Year for their single, “I Win.”

Now Steve Dalton & The Leviticus Singers of Charlotte are putting the finishing touches on an upcoming project, As One, Release The Sound. This release will be a double CD containing one CD for worship – songs of love and adoration – and one CD for praise – songs of declaration and decrees. The project is scheduled to drop in late 2017.

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