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A Texas woman was charged with capital murder after allegedly killing her friend on Tuesday to steal her baby, Houston Police Department Chief Art Acevedo said during a press conference Thursday.

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Erika Gisela Miranda-Álvarez, 28, was arrested Thursday on charges in the stabbing death of Carolina Miranda Flores, 33, Acevedo, according to  Houston Public Media. Miranda-Álvarez allegedly stole Flores’ six-week-old baby girl, and tried to pass her off as her own after a miscarriage.

Miranda-Álvarez got to know Flores over a period of five years after befriending Flores’ brother. The suspect was due to have a baby last January, but miscarried, Acevedo explained, prompting her to fake the rest of her pregnancy. She then allegedly murdered Flores, came home with the woman’s baby after kidnapping her and claimed that she had delivered early.

“Lo and behold, on Dec. 19, she showed up with a baby and pretended it was hers,” Acevedo said.

Flores was found dead on Tuesday, authorities said. Her baby girl was discovered at a Houston apartment complex after a lengthy manhunt by Houston police and the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

“We saw that little angel just sitting there that doesn’t have a clue of what is going on,” the police chief explained about the infant’s recovery. The baby was described as “healthy” and “unharmed.” She was examined at the Texas Children’s Hospital before being taken into the custody of Children Protective Services.

The suspect had not issued any statement to police as of Friday morning,  Reuters reported. Miranda-Álvarez is facing the death penalty with the capital murder charge. Her boyfriend is also “under investigation,” but has not been charged.

SOURCE: Houston Public Media, Reuters 


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