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LA Riots in Reaction to the Rodney King Verdict

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A store in Las Vegas by the name of On The Arm is catching a ton of heat after a post they made to their Instagram page on Christmas day. The store has been open for a little over a year now, and is a consignment shop that sells expensive, sought after streetwear brands like Supreme, Palace, and Bape. On Monday, the store posted security video footage of the Las Vegas storefront being burglarized by a couple young men, and assisted it with a long caption that included a link to a newly-started GoFundMe page. The footage showed the men breaking their glass windows and also a couple blood-splattered merchandise items from their shop. In the caption, the store owner said that they don’t know which items were stolen and they are starting the fundraiser in order to cover damages and stolen items.

The post received nearly 1,000 comments with some words of support, but most of the remarks were consumers wondering why a store that boasts such an expensive stock wouldn’t have a more-secured store front or insurance to cover instances like this. On top of that, since this is a consignment shop, the items in the store are not even property of the owner, but rather other sellers who give their merchandise and allow the store to take a percentage after the item sells; when people read the caption and saw that a store is starting a GoFundMe to restore funds for items that aren’t even theirs, they were extra mad.

Since crime rates and robberies are unfortunately always more abundant around the holidays, most of the people are upset by this store’s fundraiser effort instead of just having an insurance plan already in place–especially because the owners have commonly bragged on just how expensive the merchandise in their store is.

The GoFundMePage has a goal of $30,000, but has only raised $385 so far. Do you think people should help out with this store’s loss, or is it on them for not properly protecting all of their expensive assets?

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