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South Korea is currently hosting the Winter Olympics and most don’t know that they are one of the “biggest exporters” of the gospel. In an article on CBN a missionary movement helped the spread of Christianity over the last half-century. Jae Kyeong Lee, a leader in the Korea Baptist Convention spoke on the missions and how it all started.

He said, “24 missionaries were officially sent out by the Korean churches in 1974. Their number grew exponentially, and 40 years after Korea sent out its first missionaries, 27,436 Korean missionaries from various denominations were serving in 170 countries.” Christianity has thrived and has made many follow the gospel.

Only one percent of the country’s population was Christian in 1885 and since then the number has grown drastically. Certain areas of South Korea has adopted morning prayer into their day. Although younger people growing up in the area has been turning away from religion it will continue to be on the rise.

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