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In a world where that sends us the message that we can’t sleep in a dorm, sit at a Starbucks or eat at a Waffle House, apparently now we can’t even rent an apartment.

Case in point: This South Florida pregnant woman was denied a new lease because she didn’t show her landlord a copy of her ultrasound.

According to Local 10 News, Tiesha Davis was informed that Jose Galindo, the assistant property manager called her to tell her that her lease at the Sorrento of Miramar wasn’t being renewed. Sorrento of Miramar is an affordable housing complex that benefits from tax dollars.

“He said, ‘We’re not going to renew your lease.’ And I said, ‘Why?’” Davis said. “He said, ‘Because of your pregnancy.’”

Galindo claimed that she didn’t comply with their policy for pregnant tenants.

“He told me you had to give him an ultrasound and a letter from the doctor stating my due date,” Davis said.

Fair housing advocates and her lawyers have filed suit against the owners, calling the policy outrageous.

“To ask for a photograph of the inside of a mother’s womb is so intrusive, invasive, it has absolutely no business reason for being in an application for rent,” said Keenya Robertson, president and CEO of Housing Opportunities Project for Excellence or HOPE.

Davis’ lawyers have filed a federal lawsuit agains the housing complex.

“Because they are essentially not renewing her lease, because of the fact that she didn’t tell them about a pregnancy, is the reason why we’re suing them,” Davis’ attorney, Matthew Dietz, said.

“How many people were evicted? How many people didn’t get apartments? How many people have they hurt before?” he added.

In the meantime, Davis, a mother of three, is now searching for affordable housing, which is hard to come by.

“Every day I’m going looking for apartments. I can’t focus on my job. I can’t focus on my children,” the mother of three admitted.

Just ridiculous.


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