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Another day, another moment Serena Williams is fending off racist or sexist comments with commendable restraint.

This time, the comments came from tennis reporter Bill Simons. He ushered in his interview with Serena by saying, “I know you want to get back to [daughter] Olympia, work with me here please.” to which Serena responded, “Work with me.”

Then, Bill had the nerve to say “We’re in this together, baby.”


Of course Serena quickly corrected him saying, “No, we’re not; you’re not going home to a screaming baby.”

And it didn’t stop there. The reporter then had the audacity to ask a question:

“I have been waiting about 14 years to ask you this question,” he said. “After the 2004 Wimbledon match with Maria, I had the opportunity to interview Donald Trump on his LA golf course, and he said that Maria’s shoulders were incredibly alluring and then he came up with his incredible analysis: that you were intimidated by her supermodel good looks. My question is: Have you ever been intimidated by anyone on a tennis court, and what are your thoughts about that occurrence?”


Then, with the patience of Jesus, Serena responded, “I honestly don’t have any thoughts about that. I can’t say I have been intimated by anyone. That’s all. That’s it.”



Eventually, Simons apologized for his comments on Twitter once he got called out as being sexist.

Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, I love the Blacks and the womens.

Regardless of Simon’s intent, he’s now added to the list of folks who have plagued Serena with ridiculous commentary.

Luckily, Serena has been able to take on the bulk of it with a stride.

Swipe through to peep how Serena has responded to foolishness in the past!

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