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If you have ever used a camera of any type, you have the experience of ensuring the person, place, or thing you want to take the picture of is the actual thing the camera is focusing on. The focus does not remove any one else in the picture; only makes them less significant. It does not eliminate anything surrounding the subject; only blurs them. It does not make everything in the background disappear; only makes it more distant. It directs attention to what YOU DECIDE you want as the point of concentration.

Such is life. There is and will always be people in your lives that are the root of negative energy we want to remove but cannot. You may be surrounded by challenging circumstances and traumatic situations not of your own doing. The things behind you, your past, sometimes tries to affect your present and won’t just go away. All of that and more are in your life’s picture. That won’t change. But what you CHOOSE to focus on, will completely affect your picture.

It will determine if your picture is one of prosperity or continued lack. It will create a picture of fulfillment or constant regret. Your focus will develop a life of living your dream or of working for someone else to live theirs. What are you focusing on? Is it the problem or the solution? Is it the person putting you in pain or the compassion to see that person’s hurt? Are you focusing on just surviving or on living?

As you read this, there are things around you right now that you are paying no attention to. You have made a CHOICE to give your focus to this message. DECIDE to focus on the things that give life to your dreams, that bring light into dark places, and that position you for the greatness in you to manifest. I am not suggesting to ignore things and not responsibly address the matters of life. I am saying, if something is worrying you, disrupting your peace, or distracting you from your vision; adjust your focus.

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