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An Ohio bishop is under fire after a woman accused him of allegedly manipulating her into quitting her job days before she found out he was engaged to another woman.

Andrea Garrison took to Facebook to blast Bishop Victor Couzens — senior pastor at the Inspirational Baptist Church – City of Destiny in Forest Park, OH — who she says was carrying on an affair with her and another woman, which she only found out after Couzens announced his engagement on social media. According to Garrison, she was allegedly supposed to move in with him on October 24.

“I’m tired of people hiding and lying and using God as a reason to do pure f*ckery,” Garrison said in a Facebook live video.

According to Garrison, she and Couzens began having sex around 2011 and the relationship went on for “a long time.” They stopped talking because he was still sleeping with ex-wife (who he had divorced a year prior). Years later, they rekindled their romance in an on-and-off-again relationship and it got serious around April of this year. The Bishop allegedly flew her out to his condo in Miami, which she claims she helped decorate.

Within weeks of that time, Couzens allegedly asked Garrison and her kids to move in with him at his Cincinnati home. Shortly after Garrison put her two weeks in at work, an emergency involving police allegedly forced her to push up her move-in date to only have the Bishop, who she also calls her best friend, claim he needs to pray on it.

Then he disappeared. After a week of no contact a friend claimed she was the Bishop at a party where she found out he was engaged. After doing her own research on his social media, comments confirmed he was indeed engaged.

Bishop Couzen’s son apparently tuned into one of Garrison’s live videos, saying he “agreed” with what she was saying. Despite his own son agreeing with Garrison, Couzens responded to Garrison, basically calling her a liar.

“Social media makes it possible for anyone to accuse anyone of anything and it seemingly be taken as gospel. No receipts!” he wrote.

He continued, “As much as I would like to clap back and set the record straight, it’s more valuable and prudent to know that it’s more constructive to just keep living life looking forward and not give in to the attention seeking behavior or others.”

This post seemingly enraged Garrison, who then posted what appears to be screenshots of she and the Bishop on facetime.

“It’s the truth about him, he is self centered, flashy, loves the flesh. The truth Will always prevail…..Amen!” a woman commented under a shared video of Bishop Couzens preaching. The story has begun to make its way around social media and was picked up by Larry Reid Live.

Couzens was also one of the clergymen who sat down with Trump in the infamous White House meeting. He told Roland Martin, “I didn’t leave with anything I can stand on.”

Couzens continues to deny Garrison’s claims.


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