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One of my most traumatic moments in life was when I entered high school and realized I had been placed into special education classes, then called SLRD (Slow Learning Reading Disability). I was told I could not read like the other students and needed to be in these classes where I was clearly and directly told I was not smart enough. I knew I could meet any challenge and overcome it. I overcame a speech impediment when I was younger. Surely, I could do what was needed to bring my reading scores up if given the chance. Fortunately, my mother was not waiting for anyone to give me a chance. She demanded and fought for me to be returned to regular classes.

Unfortunately, not everyone has someone willing to fight the system and advocate for the support, information, and education they may need to overcome learning challenges. Even more so, many do not have someone willing to fight with them to find out what the barrier is. It was many years before I found out I was dyslexic and not someone who just could not read. In this interview I speak with Pamela Guest of Decoding Dyslexia – Maryland. They are a definite source of advocacy, information, and education. And for that parent or student struggling, they are a great support.