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This week, Shaun King has been in a media firestorm over accusations that he is stealing from the families of Jazmine Barnes and Cyntoia Brown. In addition, that he is making money from Facebook due to ad revenue from victims of police violence. Just hours ago, King speaks out in his first radio on “The Karen Hunter Show” on SiriusXM Urban View.

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King revealed there were several other people who were contacted by his lawyers but those were handled privately, however, others decided to go public. King told Karen Hunter, “There are probably 250 of these cases where people have just posted, not questions, not criticisms, not jokes, not talking trash, not funny memes — all of that so be it, I can deal with that but if you posted a lie that does me harm this is just the way that we’re going to respond.”

King also said the he hoped when Clarissa Brooks, who accused him of stealing from Cyntoia Brown, would acknowledge publicly that she was wrong. He explained, “That’s all we’re asking is just acknowledge that that was wrong…. She literally posted, ‘I will not recant. I will not apologize.’”

King also addressed how the families he has raised money for are wrongfully brought into the conversation, “This does Cyntoia Brown a disservice, it does Tamir Rice, Mike Brown — every other family that I’ve raised money for, they end up getting sucked into this ugliness and people start contacting them. For five straight years, the family of Tamir Rice has had to tell people, ‘No, actually Shaun King did not receive a dime of the money he raised for us.’ They keep  having to answer that and it’s unfair to them. Cyntoia Brown, her name should not even be in this conversation. I never even raised money for her. The family of Jazmine Barnes, they don’t need this, they shouldn’t even be in this conversion.”

King also went into detail about his  exchanges with the three people who decided to go public on their own. Listen below:

In case you missed it, on Jan. 7 activist Clarissa Brooks tweeted, “Are folks going to hold Shaun King accountable to money he ‘raised’ for Cyntoia? Or is that going to disappear as well…” Brooks deleted the tweet after she read King was suing people for tweeting about him. However, on Wednesday (Jan. 17), she received an email from King, which included his attorneys, Benjamin Crump and Lee Merritt, that threatened legal action if she didn’t apologize publicly.

See Clarissa Brooks’ lengthy statement on Twitter defending herself earlier this week.


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